Upload SVG’s to Design Space via iPad/iPhone!

UPDATE 11/20/2017

Cricut has brought upload functionality to the Design Space app on iOS!

You can now import images directly through the app, although SVG upload is not yet supported.  There are image manipulation functions available too helping you get the image uploaded quickly and easily.

Android users are still going to have to wait for this functionality.

Here’s a video walkthrough on how to use the new Upload functionality!





Since the introduction of Design Space 3 the upload functionality has been removed and the ‘backdoor’ solution for uploading images on iOS is no longer available.  Use the Feedback option in the new Design Space menu to communicate to Cricut that the iPad needs this functionality in the iOS app OR via a webpage method.  Your feedback affects Cricut’s priorities for new app functionality!!

Biggest drawback from the offline iOS app for Cricut Design Space had been the inability to upload images.  A workaround has been found so you may upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space

To upload SVG images into Design Space on your iPad or iPhone do the following:

Save your SVG files to one of the many cloud storage providers for example Google Drive (used by many people in the Facebook groups!), OneDrive or Google Drive.

Go to this web address on your iDevice: 

https://design.cricut.com/#/design/new/upload/upload-base – Design Space updated link – 

Follow the usual steps to upload an image the only difference is that you will be prompted to take a photo, view your pictures or find from other locations such as OneDrive.

You may have to press More… and configure alternate sources for OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox

Once you have selected your picture it should be displayed and then you can upload into Design Space.

You can then go back into the Design Space app on your iDevice, look in the files and see that your new SVG file has been uploaded and is ready to use.

There is a helpful video here too that shows the whole process for those that prefer the more visual approach! ScrappyDew Creations for this awesome video how-to!







    1. Mine got past freezing but the image did not upload, seems there are still upload issues…..I had gotten these instructions from someone else so shared them. I think I’ll take this down for now until I can figure out what is what.


  1. Well this is the issue this shortcut ONLY WORKS FOR SVGs! Check out the updated article which now includes a video someone put together.


      1. Ah ha ha I actually got a written article from someone before I saw your video 🙂 Your video cleared up the import for SVG vs all images which was MOST useful! Thank you for sharing, I hope I attributed clearly enough for your efforts!


      2. I am looking for the program sure cuts a lot on my iPhone apps but I don’t see it, any suggestion? My laptop died and I can’t get a new one right now. Also if I can get this program. Can I upload names from Monogram it and turn them into an SVG file


    1. CorrectImage Convert is the best way to try and convert other image formats to SVG for bringing into Design Space.


  2. It’s not working on my iPad. Keep checking Flash. Ugh. Tried Safari and Chrome. Thank you for the videos! I’m a Cricut newbie and am excited to see what all I can do, like make my own svg files!


    1. Make sure you are not going into Design Space via the website. You need to use the direct link to the upload page.


  3. I’m trying and every time I type in the website in the video it kicks me back to home. (https://home.cricut.com/). I tried private and incognito modes. I’m sure it’s user error. Lol. I cleared cache and cookies. I even tried installing a new browser app with no history but same results. Now it’s becoming a mission to beat this thing. 😂


      1. Every time i put the link into Safari on the iPad it brings me to the mobile page to download the app. I can’t get on the regular website!! Help!! 😦


    1. Same here, I’ve been doing it this way for months and now it’s automatically taking me to the main page. Im freaking out!!


      1. They killed this back door with the new Design Space 3. There is no work around right now.


  4. When I click the link on my iPad it redirects to a “Download the App” page. So sad! I don’t have a computer at home, only my iPad and my new cricut 😦


  5. The above links no ised to take me to the correct page but now it takes me to just the option to get the cricks app … is there a new look no??


    1. Ugh!!! Dang auto correct!!!
      The above is supose to read: The above link used to take me to the correct page but now it just takes me to the option to download the cricut app, is there a new link??


      1. Yup we are stuck with no solution unless they can add something to the iPad version. iOS is very restrictive with regards to access to storage which is probably the main issue. Use the Feedback tool within DS3 to keep requesting it. The more demand the higher up the feature list it will go if it is at all possible.


  6. I can’t get it to work anymore! This sucks, I don’t have a computer either. Bought IPAD as my laptop! Big mistake now!


    1. Unfortunately it seems you are in a jam until they introduce uploads to the app or provide a similar back door. For now there is not a solution I know of. Use the feedback tool in the app to let Cricut know there is a huge need for iPad users.


  7. Unfortunately, email from Cricut support says there is not a way to do this any longer. Email them and let’s get this back!!

    Anoop Kuma
    Anoop Kumar (Cricut Support)
    Jul 20, 08:15 MDT

    Hello Laurie,

    Greetings from Cricut customer care!

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to upload image using IOS app. The images can be uploaded using a Desktop computer or Mac.
    Please follow the instructions given below to upload images in Design Space:


    Once the image is uploaded, the images will appear in the upload image library.
    You may sign in to IOS app to insert the uploaded images from the library to design and cut the project.

    This is a good feature to have and I’m sure our product team will work on it to get it implemented in the future, however as of now, the feature to upload images using IOS app is not available.

    Thank you,


    1. Use the Feedback system within Design Space. They use the metrics from the feedback to gauge what to work on. Take Canvas for example there was uproar when the new version was missing the feature. Now it is coming back. There needs to be upload functionality for the iPad somehow but iOS is restricted so it may not be that easy to add.


      1. I will certainly give them feedback. I just don’t understand how it was accessible before but they can’t make it available now.


  8. Cant download from my iPad either. This is horrible. I chose to get an iPad over a PC and now I can’t download images. Any links I can complain to cricut? IPads now days are just as popular as Mac PC. Makes no senses


  9. The new iOS 11 has got many features some of them are annoying while some have improved the experience of users to a great extent. Some of the features might not be good for the user while best for the iOS app developers.


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