Upload SVG’s to Design Space via iPad/iPhone!

Biggest drawback from the offline iOS app for Cricut Design Space had been the inability to upload images.  A workaround has been found so you may upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space

To upload SVG images into Design Space on your iPad or iPhone do the following:

Save your SVG files to one of the many cloud storage providers for example Google Drive (used by many people in the Facebook groups!), OneDrive or Google Drive.

Go to this web address on your iDevice: 


Follow the usual steps to upload an image the only difference is that you will be prompted to take a photo, view your pictures or find from other locations such as OneDrive.

You may have to press More… and configure alternate sources for OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox

Once you have selected your picture it should be displayed and then you can upload into Design Space.

You can then go back into the Design Space app on your iDevice, look in the files and see that your new SVG file has been uploaded and is ready to use.

There is a helpful video here too that shows the whole process for those that prefer the more visual approach! ScrappyDew Creations for this awesome video how-to!






12 thoughts on “Upload SVG’s to Design Space via iPad/iPhone!

    1. Mine got past freezing but the image did not upload, seems there are still upload issues…..I had gotten these instructions from someone else so shared them. I think I’ll take this down for now until I can figure out what is what.


  1. Well this is the issue this shortcut ONLY WORKS FOR SVGs! Check out the updated article which now includes a video someone put together.


      1. Ah ha ha I actually got a written article from someone before I saw your video 🙂 Your video cleared up the import for SVG vs all images which was MOST useful! Thank you for sharing, I hope I attributed clearly enough for your efforts!


      2. I am looking for the program sure cuts a lot on my iPhone apps but I don’t see it, any suggestion? My laptop died and I can’t get a new one right now. Also if I can get this program. Can I upload names from Monogram it and turn them into an SVG file


    1. CorrectImage Convert is the best way to try and convert other image formats to SVG for bringing into Design Space.


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