Black Friday Hit List

black-friday-crowdElbows sharpened and sneakers on?

Where are you heading this year your web browser or the store?

Here are some online deals and a hit list to help you find the wants for the crafter in your house!

It’s time for your Black Friday Craft List!

Heat Presses – Cricut machines – Cameo machines

Craft Supplies – Craft Room ideas

Heat Presses

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There are a myriad of options both in types and sizes.  Entry level presses start around $180 and go up to $1600 for the pro-level models which feature slide out drawers, auto opening press and other options.  There are two main types of press – Clamshell or Swing Away press.  Clamshell suits the more space challenged areas whereas swing aways require due to the nature of the swing out functionality require more room.  Some people prefer the swing away presses as the heat portion is away from the mat for placing and positioning designs, as an owner of a clamshell (I have and recommend the Powerpress!) I have had no issues with getting caught by the heated surface.

Here are some recommendations for the different press types, if you have recommendations or experiences with your press please share in the comments section we would love to learn from other peoples experiences!


Powerpress Clamshell $229 15″ x 15″Click here for more information or to order

 Powerpress $160 9″ x 12″ Swing away – Click here for more information or to order

iGlobalbuy 5-in-1 $256 – Click here for more information or to order

teflon-pillowsAnother thing to consider is Teflon sheets for layering and final pressing to protect your HTV designs – see here

Cutting machines

Now is a great time to buy either a Cricut or Cameo machine!!  Both Cricut and Silhouette have released new models – the Cricut Air 2 and the Cameo 3

You can find out the differences here

So why is now a good time?  Well the previous models have dropped in price and will most likely drop further in the build up to Black Friday or Christmas!  Check out the links here that will show you the current deals on the machines or also, if you are starting out the bundles which come with great starter sets of tools and materials.



The latest model from Cricut is the Explore Air 2 – this has faster cutting speed and is better when it comes to intricate cuts.


The previous model the Explore Air is still a great machine and worth an investment at a better price starting at $199 also with bundles available!


The even earlier model, the Explore One, is still a good budget entry but has a few differences in that is only has one carriage for blade or pen (the newer models have 2 carriages to hold both pen and blade but you can simply swap them out as needed on the One!) plus the One is missing Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to your computer and or iDevices.


Silhouette Cameo


The latest model to come from Silhouette was released just a few months ago – the Cameo 3.  This brings the Cameo series up to par with the Cricut Explore range featuring dual carriages for cut and pen, automatic blade control, Bluetooth connectivity as well as tool storage and more.


Again with the introduction of the new model, deals are now available on the more than capable Cameo 2! The Cameo 2 only has a single carriage so pens/blades have to be swapped out, it has manual blade control and no wireless capability.

Most bundles come with the tools BUT if you buy a machine on its own invest in the tool sets available.


Crafting Supplies

If you have a Cricut or Cameo then you need vinyl or paper!  But what do you need?  Cutting blades, mats, pixscan mats, pens and adapters?

Starter packs are always a good option when you are getting a new machine – you get a great choice of colors and a deal on buying in bulk.


For creating glasses, mugs, decals, wood frames, shadow boxes the best type of vinyl to buy is permanent adhesive vinyl.

Oracal is the most popular manufacturer and the type of vinyl most commonly used is called 651.  There are other types of vinyl 631 which is non-permanent grade (think window cling or design template for painting/etching) or higher adhesive grade like 751 which is rated for marine.  651 handles the elements and is best for 99% of applications.

Vinyl can be order in sheets or by the roll for bigger purchases and the costs range anywhere from $0.50 on sale averaging around $0.65 a foot.

Here are some 651 deals worth a mention, the deals page is also available here and updated when new sales or deals are found!

10, 20, 35 or 47 rolls choose colors, best prices AND freebies + FREE SHIPPING

Oracal 651 – Ultimate 5ft Length Assortment – ALL 63 Colors $125 + FREE SHIPPING
12″ x 24″ – 40 Sheets Assorted Glossy Colors of Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl + FREE SHIPPING
Oracal 651 Vinyl 12″x 5ft Rolls Choose from 47 Colors (47 Rolls) $99.50 + FREE SHIPPING


If you have a heat press or you are making T-Shirts, custom apparel, hats, etc. then you need to be looking for HTV which stands for Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Siser is the brand of choice and they offer a product called Easyweed.  They also offer other choices like Siser Stretch for garments that need more flexibility (think gym-wear or tighter fitting items)  There are also glitter options to add some sparkle to your designs.

Here are some deals, HTV is more expensive and comes in around $1.99 a foot, keep an eye on the deals page for better deals as we find them!

HTV and Glitter HTV

30 Sheets SISER EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl 15″ x 12″ Assorted Colors  $64.99 + FREE shipping

Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl 15″ x 12″ (1 Foot) OVER 35 COLORS! $1.98/sheet

Siser GLITTER Heat Transfer Vinyl 20″ x 5 Yards (Mix and match colors!!) Siser Glitter HTV $56.94

Heat Transfer Paper – Dark Fabrics (8.5″x 11″) 10 Pack – FREE SHIPPING!! $12.50

Stretch HTV

Heat Transfer Vinyl, Soft High Stretch, Cutting Machines T-Shirts – 10″ x 5 Yards $19.95 + shipping

Siser EASYWEED STRETCH Heat Transfer Vinyl 15″ x 12″ Choose From 12 COLORS!!! $3.74/sheet + shipping

Transfer Paper

transfer-paper-12x10ftTo transfer your adhesive vinyl designs from mat to product you’ll need some good quality transfer paper.  Check out this deal for a 12″ x 10ft roll with extra 4ft added FREE!

Cutting Mats

Mats wear over time and also lose their stickiness!  You can use Awesome (from Dollar Tree!) to wipe down and re-sticky your mats but if you need replacements here’s some deals for both Cricut and for Silhouette Cameo machines!

12x12-cricut-matCricut mats – starting from $5.99 as an add-on item on Amazon you can get single or variety packs here.  The variety pack comes with Strong stick (gray) and light stick (blue) mats.  You can also get the 12″ x 24″ mats.

12x12-silhouette-cameo-cutting-matSilhouette Cameo Mats – starting at $10.99 for a 12″ x 12″ mat the Cameo mats tend to be more expensive – this is why many people use the Cricut cutting mats with their Cameo devices!

12x12-silhouette-cameo-pixscan-matSilhouette Cameo Pixscan mat – The Pixscan mat allows your Cameo to digitize and cut around custom designs and lettering.  This mat starts around $13 and is available here

Replacement blades

You can get replacement blades for your Cricut or Cameo cutting machine when you start to have issues cutting.  You can remove the blade and try punching it into a balled up Aluminum foil ball to first try and sharpen the blade.  Also check in the blade housing for stray vinyl or paper that might have gotten caught up.

Cricut offers German Carbide blades as do 3rd parties (cheaper)  The German Carbide blades should last up to 3 times longer than the regular blades.

Remember – the sharp blade is protected inside the rubber cap – remove this when you install your replacement blade!


Replacement blades for Silhouette Cameo machines can be found here

Note that the Cameo 3 has the Autoblade vs Cameo 2 and earlier use the manual blades

Adapters – Pens and Etching


Chomas offers for both Cricut and Cameo users options for engraving and adapters that allow you to use any type of pen or marker in your device!

Check out the options for both Cameo and Cricut devices here

multi-pen-adapter-for-cricutA cheaper pen adapter, $7.00, is available for the Cricut devices (except the Explore One)


With the adapters above from Multi Pen or Chomas you can use pretty much any pen in your device.  Click on the Cricut or Cameo pen sets below to see available options and deals.


Craft Room Ideas

You can never have enough organization or storage!

Here are some ideas for kitting out that craft room or nook to best utilize space and organize your crafting materials!

Storage carts

To maximize space look into double wide storage units to hold your cutting machines and all their materials.

storage-cart plastic-storage-cart-filled

Carts are available in all shapes and sizes but look for ones able to handle storage for your vinyl and tools like the one shown that could hold your laptop/computer as well as your cutting machine of choice!

See Amazon here for more choices on carts and storage.

What else would you suggest for your Christmas Craft List?

Leave us a comment with your suggestions and we will add them to the list!!


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