New Cricut Announcements..OFFLINE software…



Get Ready For The New Cricut Experience

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of new software that makes crafting easier and gives you more value and variety!

OFFLINE access for iOS devices is coming later this month but does the headline mean that the long awaited software upgrade is coming for Design Space that will shift the platform away from the Shockwave issues plaguing many users?

Does this mean we will finally get OFFLINE software for our computers too?

Other announcements:

Coming This Month: Cricut SnapMat

Cut and write where you want! Use the camera on your iPhone or iPad with the Design Space® app to snap a picture of your material on the cutting mat, then place your design exactly how you want it. SnapMat makes it easy to place text on a photo, align images on a pattern, and more.

Coming August 9th: Cricut Accesstm Fonts Starting at $4.99/month

Find the best option for your projects. Choose from unlimited use of 370+ fonts, or get more value with 30,000+ images, and 1,300+ projects. Want 50% off all images? Then the new Cricut Access Premium is for you!

Can’t wait to find out – what do you make of the official announcements made here:’s-new



  1. Are any of these changes going to allow me to use my Close to My Heart cartridges that I downloaded to Explore and can not see in Design Space?


    1. I know it’s a long time coming eh…..hope at least that comes with offline access maybe that has been the delay as I would imagine they have had to completely redesign the system if they plan to offer offline across all platforms.


  2. Would love to see online access to DS. I have a Cricut explore and a Silhouette Cameo and always tend to use my Silhouette because I can use it anywhere and anytime. As of now, my Cricut never gets used! Very excited about this new software. Hurry up Provocraft!!!!


  3. It’s even more of a poor show for those of users based here in the UK. We have no software for use on Android as the US users do let alone any software which would allow us to use DS offline on our computers.

    It does seem to many other users I’ve spoken to concerning this issue here in the UK & elsewhere outside the US that there is an unwillingness at Provocraft to seriously address this issue. Just because your based in the US doesn’t absolve you of your responsibilities to your customers outside of your home territory.
    The trouble with so many organizations who face various challenges in providing the necessary components etc., and keeping their customers happy is that their Customer Issue Resolution departments have too many “Problem-solvers” and not enough “Solution-finders”.
    The difference between the two different sets of attitudes couldn’t be more stark.
    Problem-solvers invariably get bogged down far too long with analysing the problem whereas; Solution-finders quickly accept that there is a problem and immediately go looking for a solution.
    It’s the same old story, nothing changes unless attitudes do.


    1. Hi John,

      US Design Space users do not have an offline solution for computers. The mobile versions are the ONLY offline options for Cricut users. The iOS version gets updated but the Android version does not have feature parity and I believe is still in Beta version.

      The US centric mantra for companies is pretty much the norm, there are challenges in Support, potential legal issues as well as rollout across multiple markets that are a challenge. You are right in that the US and companies in general over here need to service other markets much better than they do now!!

      Thank you for your comments!


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