Is the Cameo 3 a ‘me too’ vs Cricut Explore functionality?


Today the Silhouette Cameo 3 is released, the next generation of personal/small business cutting machines  has arrived!

There is always the comparison, after all there is healthy competition between the two, between the Cricut Explore Air and the Silhouette Cameo devices.  In my mind, having both machines, I have always thought from the hardware standpoint, that the Cameo lagged behind the Cricut in terms of everyday use and functionality of the machine.

Software-wise though they are a tougher comparison, Cameo offers a more powerful, if slightly more complex designer software with differing levels of functionality (available via software upgrades)  The most important feature of Cameo’s software being its offline functionality.  The Cricut offers a cloud based solution, a more user friendly design studio taking out a lot of the complexity of the design process BUT a requirement for an always on, good, internet connection.

BOTH have their strengths and weaknesses but in my mind given time and a higher learning curve I think Cameo wins out software-wise.

Hardware-wise the Cricut has offered a better solution for a while.  The dial based cutting control for blades as well as the custom control via software has been streaks ahead of the Cameo 2 and its manual ‘click’ solution for setting blade depth.  Cameo has to my mind been more of a trial and error process to optimize the cutting settings for different materials.  This has now changed with the Cameo 3 – the device offers automatic blade control via the software making it a much more user friendly solution!  How it fares against the Cricut in terms of usability and settings, time will tell but this is a welcome upgrade.

Dual carriage, again this is something that the Cricut Explore and Air has had for a long time.  The ability to use pens, scoring tools without the need to remove the existing blade has been a great feature on the Cricut Explore.  Now Cameo 3 has the same dual carriage functionality.

Tool storage, something that has been great on the Cricut devices – has now been added to the Cameo 3.

The Cricut Explore and Explore Air have the ability (Explore requires the Bluetooth Adapter!) to cut wirelessly from your computer or iPad.  Now this functionality has been added to the Cameo 3!

Do you see the trend here?  The Cameo 3 seems to be a catch up device bringing much of the existing Cricut functionality to the Cameo world.  Do you think it is a worthy upgrade?

What makes for the better device in your mind?  Does the software now dictate which way to go – offline vs online (the current Cricut pain point) or does the ease of use win out from the Cricut camp and does the fact that Cricut HAD all of the existing Cameo 3 features mean that Cricut maintains the lead in terms of being the market leader for personal/small business cutting devices?

Is the Cameo 3 a me too upgrade?  What will the next Cricut device will offer?

Competition is great, the devices just keep getting better!!

Check out the Cameo 3 and some bundle deals here

Compare against the Cricut Explore Air deals and bundles here


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