Cricut vs Cameo Differences Pros and Cons


Right now I would say the main differences are:

  • Cricut – cloud based software – can be quirky! – internet required
  • Cameo – local software install not reliant on internet connection
  • Cricut better (in my mind blade control) with dial and custom settings
  • Cameo 2 – manual blade adjustment system
  • Cameo 3 – Auto blade adjustment
  • Cricut Explore Air – Bluetooth wireless support
  • Cameo 2 – wired connections
  • Cameo 3 – wireless with Bluetooth!
  • Cameo – can cut without a mat, also can attach a roll of vinyl for longer cuts – not limited to 12 x 12 or 12 x 24
  • Cricut and now Cameo 3 have tool storage in the dropdown tray


Cameo 3 now available click here for more information!

Cricut Explore Air and bundle information click here for more information!





    1. Correct you CAN cut without the mat but Cricut is not designed to do so even though it does. Some people say you can invalidate your warranty but I have seen no evidence in writing that this is the case officially!


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