Pen Adapters for Cricut Explore and Explore Air

cricut-pensIf you use your Cricut Explore or Explore Air for writing, finding and using Cricut pens can be a frustrating and expensive experience.

There are list of compatible pens online that give you the alternative options from the Cricut brand pens but there are two solutions that go one step further and allow any pen (up to 1/2″) to be used with your Cricut!

chomas-pen-adapterFor $35 you can get the sturdy metal Chomas pen adapter.  This slots into the carriage on your Cricut and allows you to install pretty much any size pen.  The metal construction says a lot for longevity but the price is a little daunting too if you are more of an occasional pen user.

multi-pen-adapterFor that scenario we have the MultiPen solution.  Made from polymer vs metal this is the budget solution for your pen needs.  It comes in at just $7.00 and takes pens up to 1/2″.

Both of these are available on Amazon

Chomas Pen Adapter – $35

MultiPen – $7.00

Note that these adapters are only compatible with the Explore and Explore Air – NOT the Explore One.


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