Looking for a heat press on a budget

If you are going to get into the business of making T-Shirts and custom apparel then one of your first investments better be a heat press!  While you can use an iron to make your custom designs it is inevitable that your designs will peel and fail over time as you are not able to apply the required heat and pressure with a hard iron.

Heat presses come in various shapes, types and sizes.

For most people the most effective purchase would be a 15×15.

There are a couple of options with regards to the type – you may get a clamshell or a swing away press.  There are advantages and disadvantages with both!  With the clamshell you require less space (you do not have to accommodate the swing out of the top plate.  The downside to the clamshell however is that you have to work under the hot top plate and risk getting burned.

There are different options with regards to attachments.  Some presses allow you to add attachments for hats, cups and other custom items.  These presses are usually a little more expensive than the regular clamshell versions.

Best Clamshell heat press deals

Check out the Powerpress on Amazon.  For $220 I believe this offers the best bang for buck for a clamshell press.  It is rated as Amazon’s best selling press and there can sometimes be a delivery delay due to stock issues as it is so popular.


There are a couple of slightly cheaper models on Amazon if you are on a really tight budget:

PromoHeat HeatPress $217ePromo-press

ePhoto HeatPress – $239ephoto-press

5 In 1 Multi-use Press

Offering the best value for money is the iGlobalbuy 5 in 1 press

iglobalbuy-5-1-pressThis press costs $289 vs the $229 Powerpress clamshell above but it comes with the cup and hat attachments.

Note that this is a swing arm style press vs the clamshell options.  You will need to plan for extra space in your crafting area!



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