Fonts galore – 450 commercial free fonts


No matter what you are designing, you will need fonts!  Commercial fonts are expensive to purchase and some of the fonts like Samantha can be hard to use too!

Amazon has an offer for 450 fonts, free to use for commercial use.


The description and download is for Mac computers which may be off putting for any Windows users BUT be aware you can extract and install all of the fonts and use them on your computer too!  These are OpenType fonts that install without any issue on Windows.

Simply download a program called DMG Extractor for free here – it is like ZIP for Macs.

The FREE version can be downloaded via THIS LINK

After you install DMG Extractor and download the fonts from Amazon simply double click on the DMG file in your Downloads folder on your computer and DMG Extractor will open.  You can then navigate to the folder containing the font files and select extract to save them to your hard drive.  Once extracted you can then install the fonts you want by RIGHT clicking on each font file and selecting Install or, for all or multiple fonts, simply copy them to the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder on your computer.

Here is a tutorial video on how to use DMG Extractor


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